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This is an overview of mod positions. If you're interested in modding, do let usknow (by comment to this post, PM, or emailing Note that the duties of each position is able to be split amongst multiple co-mods so that you're not stuck doing something you're not good at.

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• You may still participate in all of [community profile] finalfantasyland's activities even if you're a mod! The only exception is that you might not be able to participate in some screened-comment activities (e.g. contests and minigames) if you're able to see the comments and looking at screened comments would give you an advantage.
• You may also take on multiple mod positions if you like!

Comment here or contact a main mod if there's a position you like. Right now, the places where we have the most needed are the team mods, but if you're interested in a different position, still let us know.


Judge Magisters is the administrative community for [community profile] finalfantasyland, used for discussion between mods.